Another Housewives Show Is Coming!

Chris and Christy Cooley are set to star in a new E! show premiering Nov 18th. True Hollywood Story: Football Wives will peak into Christy’s everyday life as the wife of the Redskin’s most popular player. It only makes sense as the Cooley’s have already tackled the Internet (The Cooley Zone & everywhere else,) Radio (EITM & SportsHub) and Movies (Ghost Don’t Exists.)

E! chose Christy because she’s sweet and down to earth (probably doesn’t hurt that she’s also H-O-T.) There were some curious choices for other player’s wives: Adam Archuleta (no longer in the league) and Jeff Garcia’s beard…I mean wife may be on. So look out for the show in November. In the meantime my blogging buddy (The Fat White Guy) continues to find Chris Cooley fan’s around the world. Who wears a Chris Cooley jersey to a Bills/Patriots game in New England…apparently this guy does.

Cheers and Hail

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