A Redskins Win Would Be A Giant Step

Breaking down the Skins/Giants Game
The Redskins do not need to win this Sunday to make the Playoffs. Sure a loss will make it that much harder to do so, but the season is not lost on this weeks game. No, the Redskins need to win this weekend to re-cement their status as a legitimate contender.
It pains me to say this but the Giants are the best team in the NFL. I assumed last year was a fluke and that the Giants, along with Eli Manning, would tumble back down to earth this year. As of now, I have to admit that I was wrong. The Giants are playing like a Championship team and Eli continues to play at a high level. The Redskins on the other hand have stumbled after winning 4 in a row. A loss to the Rams, 2 ugly wins over bad teams, and 2 ugly losses to good teams. The win on the road against Seattle was a good win. As bad as the Seahawks have been this year, that is a tough place to travel to and win. Now the Skins get to take on the Giants at FedEx. So far this season the Skins have not been able to take advantage of home field advantage, going just 3-3 at FedEx. We’ve also had a problem with opposing team’s fans taking over our house. That cannot happen this week! The fans need to be loud, strong, a true 12th man. The Giants are scoring 30 points a game, so the Skins need to score at least 3TD’s and not settle for FG’s. I anticipate the Giants loading up the box to stop Portis, so Campbell will need to get the ball to Cooley and Moss. Applying pressure to Manning and stopping the run will be focal points of the defense. Burress is out, so that is helpful.
The “experts” are not giving the Redskins a chance this weekend. In fact, the Skins are getting NO RESPECT. I believe the Redskins do win. I think they do what good playoff-type teams do, win games at home against division rivals. And when the team you beat happens to be the Super Bowl champs and the best team in the NFL, it will earn you respect.
So to the Skins I say, “go get you some.”

Cheers and Hail
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