Reason #1,321 Not To Bet On Football

Mix in a failed hook and ladder play with a touchdown that is ruled a touchdown, confirmed to be a touchdown, then somehow is no longer a touchdown, and what do have? 66 million lost by the poor bastards who had the Steelers minus 4.5pts. I don’t gamble on football any longer but if I did, I would have had the Steelers. Not because I thought the Steelers were going to cover, I didn’t even know the line until the next day after researching it. No, I would have had the Steelers because this is the type of shit that happens to a team I gambled on.

This game did give me a terrible flashback to Monday Sept 22, 1997. The Steelers were getting 2.5 pts against the Jags. After holding the Jags to a late field goal, the Steelers got the ball back inside 2 minutes trailing 21-23. This was all good as I had the Steelers plus 2.5pts. The Steelers lined up for a last second field goal. No big deal, I don’t care if they make it or miss it. I’m a winner, winner, chicken dinner. The only thing that could make me a loser is if the Jags block the FG with no time left and return it for a touchdown. That will never happen. Oops. This was the famous clip you see where Cowher almost tackled the defender on the sideline. I always wondered if I would have still lost that bet if Cowher had actually tackled Chris Hudson?

Cheers and Hail

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