NFL Players & Autocorrect

Hey Danny, type in Snyder to your's fun!

Autocorrect…what a pain in the ass. I’ve found it to be an incredible inconvenience on my phone until yesterday. I was trying to tweet the word Flacco and it kept autocorrecting to flaccid. This made me chuckle, it also caused my warped mind to start thinking…what other players out their have an interesting autocorrect?

This is totally juvenile, I know…which makes it right up my alley. All of the autocorrected names below are 100% real. I have a Verizon Droid and when I type in the player’s name the corresponding autocorrect comes up. I’ve decided to go ahead and give my thoughts concerning each player’s autocorrect.

Gaffney = gag

I’m sure more than a few girls have.

Snyder = anus

Even my phone knows.

Orakpo = oral

I’m going to ask my wife for some Orakpo tonight.

Spurrier = sour

His time in DC sure left a sour taste in my mouth.

Shuler = shit

Every time he dropped back to pass I said this word.

Grossman = Friday

The day of the week when I don’t mind that he’s the Redskins QB.

Beck = neck

The ‘necked’ bootleg is his best play.

Torain = toes

As far as I know his toes are the only thing he hasn’t injured in his career.

Flacco = flaccid

The Ravens offense has been a little flaccid this year.

Cutler = curl

Curled up in his coat is where you could find him during last years NFC Championship game.

Vick = cock

My wife thinks he is one.

Austin = sista

Miles certainly banged the right Kardashian sista.

Cheers and Hail

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