The Redskins Diet

It’s not easy being a food giant and a Redskins fan. The Redskins inability to put the ball in the endzone the last few weeks has been a real bummer for fat guys all around the DMV. While Packer’s fans would be building ‘meat lovers’ and ‘supreme’ pies for free…Redskins fans have been stuck with cheese pizzas.

The way the Papa Johns Redskins TD Special works is simple, with every TD the Redskins score you get a free topping. If the Redskins win the game, you can double the amount of free toppings. So, all you really need is a 17-14 win and you’ll be fat and happy with 4 free toppings. Unfortunately, the last 3 weeks the Redskins have managed only a last minute TD against the 49er’s and have lost all 3 games. Hey, at least Papa Johns throws in a dipping sauce and some pepperoncinis…maybe you can ask for some parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper to make your cheese pizza more palatable.

The bright side for Redskins fans? A cheese pizza saves about 650 calories over a meat lovers pie, so the 3 game losing streak and offensive ineptness has saved Redskin’s fans nearly 2000 calories. You mix that caloric savings with all the angry jumping around you’ve done yelling at the TV over the past 3 weeks, and you’ve lost yourself a couple lb’s. Papa Johns has also been able to save a lot of dough, serious pun intended.

Cheers and Hail

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