RJ: Preseason Game 1

Reggie Jones is posting his training camp journal on this site, please check back often to follow Reggie on his journey.

Wokeup this morning earlier than I’d like to, so I went down to grab some breakfast. I usually don’t eat breakfast, but I figured since I was awake I may as well. Grabbed a waffle, turkey sausage, and some cranberry raspberry juice.

Went back up to my room and started downloading songs. I was looking to add to my gameday playlist. It’s tough to make that list. I ended up adding a couple songs from that {Kanye West & Jay Z WATCH THE THRONE} album.

Plugged my ipod up to let it sync while I went downstairs to meetings. We met for about an hour, Special Teams, defense, then team (typical gameday meeting routine)..

Talked to wifey for a bit. I don’t really like talking to many people on the phone on gameday, but her and Dash are the exception. (=

Night games take FOREVER TO GET GOING.. I took a nap for a little bit, and it still wasn’t game time. So I started watching cartoons to let the time pass. I kept looking at the clock, but the more I looked, the slower it ticked. lol

Once it got to 1.5 hours before departure time I popped in my all-time favorite movie (TROY) Achilles is a beast! He always gets my mind right before games.

Around 4 I got dressed.. (w/ a SEATTLE FITTED of course) to complete the outfit.
Plugged my headphones in grabbed my pre-game meal and went into my zone.. My internal clock started ticking for $howtime.. #TicTock

Hopped on the team bus headed to the game. As soon as the bus started moving I felt all my emotions instantly rising.


I didn’t have any passes completed on me and I had a pass breakup.. I had alot of fun out there… I wanna play a double header.. lol

I played a good game on defense and special teams. I wanna see the film so I can fix the little things.


p.S.s. The defensive coaches call me $howtime now.. (= …{game recognize game}

Driving back in this D.C traffic now…


Goodnight World… #DREAMINabout: “#OPPORTUNITY” It won’t pass me by. I will make the most out of what I’ve been #blessed with. ~$HOWTIME

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