This Is Why Redskins Fans Are Stressed

This is why I drink...

The Washington Redskins led their opponents by more than 10 points for a grand total of 23 minutes and 19 seconds last season. I consider a lead of greater than 10 points to be a comfortable lead…so by my count, I was uncomfortable for the other 937 minutes of last season. In retrospect, I guess I shouldn’t have been comfortable for the 4 minutes the Redskins led the Texans 20-7…the Redskins wound up losing that game.

In 2009 the Redskins led their opponents by more than 10 points for a grand total of 11 minutes and 17 seconds. This equates to another 949 minutes of uncomfortableness. Again, I shouldn’t have felt comfy when the Redskins led the Panther 17-2…the 10+ point lead would last only 1 minute and 35 seconds and the Redskins would go on to lose the game.

For the last 8 games of the 2008 season the Redskins never led their opponents by more than 10 points. Another 480 minutes of uncomfortableness. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a pattern. The Redskins have mixed in the victory formation (QB taking a knee) about as much as Albert Haynesworth mixes in a salad.

In the last 40 games the Redskins have led their opponents by more than 10 points only 4 times for 34 minutes and 36 seconds. The other 2,366 minutes you’ve been stressed out, screaming at the TV…wtf? The Redskins lost 2 of those 4 games. It’s been a rough run…is it going to get worse before it gets better?

One last stat to ponder…the 91′ Redskins average margin of victory was 16 points. In the last 40 games, the Redskins have led an opponent by 16 points or better just one time.

Cheers and Hail

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