What’s JC Worth?

With Donovan McNabb set to be introduced as the Redskins new QB tomorrow afternoon and talks of a contract extension immanent, the question is what do the Skins do with Jason Campbell?

I guess the obvious thing to do is trade him…but you have to get value in return. I’ve read reports today that put his value anywhere between a 2nd to 5th round pick. I would run around my neighborhood buck naked in a Shanahan mask if they could get a 2nd rounder for JC. That would basically mean that you traded McNabb straight up for JC and I think anyone would sign off on that deal. If JC’s value is a 5th rounder, then you keep him as a backup. I think the over/under is a 3rd rounder, if you can get a 3rd rounder or better you gotta pull the trigger.

Thru all the shit JC has been thru over the past year, he’s been a true gentleman. He’s never had a coach or front office executive stand behind him and say “this is our guy.” Instead he’s remained professional as countless names were rumored to replace him. My hope is that JC can be moved to another team where he’ll get a shot to remain a starter in the NFL.

Cheers and Hail

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