Note To The O’s, Vote For Pedro

The O’s need to sign Pedro Martinez and they need to do it soon. The Orioles are batting .290 as a team and scoring over 6 runs a game. This kind of offensive production should be enough to win a lot of games and compete in the AL East. Unfortunately, the O’s have assembled what might be one of the worst pitching staffs ever. The 3,4, and 5 starters are horrible (and the 3rd starter is on the DL.) The middle relievers have struggled and a couple of them, Bass and Liz, have proven that they are not major league pitchers. The back end of the bullpen has also struggled. Ray appears that he is not fully recovered, or not comfortable yet, from shoulder surgery. Sherrill has been shaky at best.
We can only assume that the offense will continue this kind of production (Jones is blossoming into a star) or even get better with the addition of Weiters sometime soon. So why not compete now? Why wait till 2010?
Reportedly, Martinez can be had for a 1 year $5 million dollar deal. That’s certainly not going to break the bank and the one year deal does nothing to mortgage your future. I know Martinez is on the decline and his health is a major risk. But you can’t tell me he’s not better than Hendrickson or Eaton. How is Adam freakin Eaton even on this squad? They couldn’t talk Steve Trachsel into returning? Sign Martinez, and bring up Tillman, Bergesen, and Patton to fill some of the holes. The O’s are 4-0 when Guthrie or Uehara start, after that you get 19 runs in a single game put up on you.

Cheers and Hail
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