@ 4 Skins Draft…

No thanks!


Yes, I am stupid, I name the blog post “4 Skins,” it was that are “Dirty 4′s.”

It’s the time of the year to get lost in 40 yard dash times and mock drafts. The combine starts this weekend and the Redskins are, in the words of Bruce Allen, “moving Redskins Park to Indianapolis for the week.” And although the Skins have a new regime in place, I’m still reading that the Skins are looking for the best available player…same plan Vinny had. Now, I’m not bashing anything yet…but picking the best “player” available is how we ended up with Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly and Fred Davis.

Most mock drafts have the Skins picking either Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen. I’m totally out on Bradford and lukewarm on Clausen. Truth be told, I probably could be sold on Clausen. If I were running the Redskins draft? I’d trade the pick down and pick up a lower 1st round pick and add an extra 2nd rounder. Use the 1st round pick to grab one of the 7 OT’s projected to go in the 1st round, then you have 2 picks to spend on your choice of CB, QB or RB…quality players will be available. In fact, besides the depth at OT available in the first round, CB’s are especially deep (a need position for the Skins.) And I’m not opposed to trying on a Tebow or Pike QB pick in the 2nd.

But, let’s assume the Skins are going to draft a QB…here’s my take on Sam and Jimmy.

Sam Bradford: He’s coming off shoulder surgery and any shoulder surgery to the throwing arm of a NFL QB is MAJOR shoulder surgery. Bradford has proved to be injury prone in college, suffering concussions and breaking his wrist as well. Bradford needs to pack on major muscle to possibly withstand the rigors of being a NFL QB. Especially a QB who has no O-line, he can consult with Jason Campbell about that. Lastly, Sam has a problem with the Redskins name and I can understand that being that he is a Native American. There’s no need to complicate that whole deal.

Jimmy Clausen: Clausen has all the tools and has played in a pro-style offense for the past 3 years under Charlie Weiss. Initially, I had a problem with a QB who lost 6 games his senior season at Notre Dame. But, Clausen threw 15TD’s and had only 2 INT’s in those 6 losses. He does need a new bathing suit.

Clausen (maybe) or trade down. What do you think? Do you like Bradford…tell me what you want the Skins to do in the comments section or on Twitter/Facebook.

Cheers and Hail

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