Great News… The Recession Is Over

Just a short couple hours into free agency, vintage Dan Snyder came out swinging. Who needs to hear good words from Obama or Bernanke to feel better about our economy? Obviously Mr. Snyder didn’t have his money invested with Bernard Madoff, and the Six Flags stock being in the shitter isn’t effecting him either.

By 9am this morning the Skins have inked 2 of the best free agents available. They’ve retained Deangelo Hall @ $55 million, and added the prize of free agency Albert Haynesworth for another $100 million. But, apparently they are not finished. “Fish on,” with Chris Canty, Ray Willis, and Derrick Dockery. As a fan, I’m excited as hell. Haynesworth is a beast. Hall is a difference maker. Dockery was our best offensive lineman 2 years ago. Canty and Willis would be definite upgrades.

As an honest, hard working American struggling thru the hardest economic times I will ever see in my lifetime, I’m confused. I wrote a post the other day in which I went shopping for free agents. I was shopping at Target (tar-j), Mr. Snyder is still shopping at Nieman Marcus (needless markup.) You see, I thought the Redskins were suffering as well. Only 8 million below the cap (I’m assuming big time cuts are coming to cover the spending splurge,) and I was a little thrown off by the firing of nearly 30 (at least) employees in early January. Or maybe it was the second round of layoffs just a couple weeks back.

So while I’m excited as a fan about the product that I will see on the field next fall, I’m not comfortable with the ethics of the organization. 40 employees at an average of 50k per year = 2 million. The teams salary cap for players is $127 million, which by smoke and mirrors the Skins will exceed. Add another 15-20 million for the coaching staff and front office. $155 million committed to just 2 players! It just doesn’t add up.

40 employees lives crushed, their spouses and children deeply effected. Is it all worth it? I think not. There is no grey area here, it’s black and white, there is a right and a wrong. And…it’s just wrong. If the Danny has any integrity he would pick up the phone and personally call the individuals he laid off. He should offer them their jobs back and apologize. But we all know that would never happen.

He’s at Morton’s wining and dining the next player, ordering off the menu, and dangling million$$ in their faces.

Cheers and Hail

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