World’s Thinnest Books

Vinny Cerrato's Bible

Vinny Cerrato's Bible

Below is how I spent my Sunday night…coming up with fictional book titles. The World’s Thinnest Books was a trending topic on Twitter last night…the premise being the author of said book wouldn’t know much about the topic of said book…thus it would be one of the world’s thinnest books. May sound dumb to some, but I went kind of crazy playing along. I swear I could come up with thousands of these…and if it’s still trending later tonight, well I just may. You got some funny ones? Tell me about them in the comments section….

“Building A Team Thru The NFL Draft” by Dan Snyder & Vinny Cerrato

“How 2 Treat Your Lady” by Tom Cable…forward by Lawrence Phillips…

“How 2 Win Super Bowls…The Story of The 90′s Buffalo Bills”

“Gambling 101″ by Art Schilchter

“How I Took Down Disney…The Story Of 6 Flags” by Daniel Snyder

“How 2 Make Friends And Influence People” by Terrell Owens…forward by Andre Rison

“How 2 Be A True #1 WR” by Roy Williams

“The Night I Slept With Jennifer Anniston” by Fatpickle

“How 2 Compete In The AL East” by the Orioles

“Tackling 101″ by DeAngelo Hall

“How 2 Handle A Handgun” by Plaxico Burress

“Managing Your Money $$” by Antoine Walker…forward by Evander Holyfield

“Safe Sex” by Shawn Kemp

“How 2 Build A Winner” by Daniel Snyder

“Zorn’s playbook” by Jim Zorn Ch. 1 run portis Ch. 2 pass 2 cooley Ch. 3 sack… forward by Norv Turner

“Zorn’s playbook” by Jim Zorn… Cooley’s hurt? oh shit…this book will explode in T-minus 3 seconds…

Cheers and Hail

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